Ruud was born in 1965 in an aria very populated by pigeon breeders, namely West-Brabant,
more precisely Nieuwe-Vossemeer. At the age of 18 he became a member of the Voorwaarts PV
club in Nieuwe-Wossemeer. He then starts competing with the
young pigeons left by his older brother,obtaining leading positions. In 2009 he moved to
Halsteren, where he still lives, he then became a member of the PV De Vredesduif
Lepelstraat where he had good results in following year.An old-fashioned breeder who
races pigeons on all flights in grid department 2 (Afdeling 2) Brabant 2000. The loft has
a length of 11.5 meters divided into 2 compartments of 2.20 meters for 22 couples for
flights from 100 km to 700 km , a 2-meter compartment for 14 widows for the Marathon
and 2 2.5-meter compartments for chickens. He also owns a small breeding loft.
The pigeons for the 100-700 km competitions are from the following breeds:
Gaby Vandenabeele, Pieter Veenstra, Hooymans, Ad van Loon (Gebr, Scheele)
and Maarten Huijsmans. For the 800-1000 km marathon competitions he owns the following
breeds of pigeons: C.J. van der Laan via Comb.Klein de Jong, Ko van Dommelen,
M. van Rijen. In 2012 he obtained the 2nd place Breeder Marathon Brabant 2000.
Almost every year he is in the first 3 Champions at General Marathon (one day fund and
marathon) In rayon 1 ZUF Brabant 2000: 2014 2nd place, 2015 3rd place, 2016 3rd place,
2017 2nd place, 2018 1st place, 2020 2nd place, 2021 1st place. Every week during
the flight season his pigeons occupy leading places in speed,midfield,
long distance and marathon.

In 2021 he succeeds with the pigeon NL 18-3830584 M "SPEEDY BORDEAUX"

1st place National Marathon WHZB-TBOTB 2021

2nd place National Marathon NPO 2021

4th place Pigeon FCI Marathon

SPEEDY BORDEAUX wins 1st place out of 3428 pigeons arriving from Bordeaux (820km) in the night at 00:18 at the 2nd employment from Agen (860km)
arrives at 06:06 and then at the 3rd employment to arrive again in dark 02:03 from Bergerac (824km) ranking 216 out of 11,632 pigeons



In 2020 it ranks: 352nd place out of 1524 pigeons at 969km St. Vincent and 94th place out of 175 pigeons at 793km Bergerac.

In 2019 it ranks: 77th place out of 2473 pigeons at 820km Bordeaux and 155th place out of 1150 pigeons at 951km Dax.

The pigeon "KRAS EAGLE 99" NL 16-3631399 brings the resolts:

In 2021 it ranks: 138th place out of 1525 pigeons at 969km St. Vincent; 16th place out of 1645 pigeons at 860km Agen;
Rank 697 of 3188 pigeons at 824km Bergerac.

In 2020 it ranks: 75th place out of 2755 pigeons at 820km Bordeaux; Rank 54 of 2496 pigeons at 793km Bergerac.

In 2019 it ranks: 44th place out of 1150 pigeons at 951km Dax.

In 2018 it ranks: 74th place out of 1588 pigeons at 971km St. Vincent; 127th place ou of 1309 pigeons at 955km Dax.

The pigeon "MISTER BERGERAC" NL 15-3532241 brings the results:

In 2021 it ranks: 270th place out of 2300 pigeons at 820km Bordeaux; 14th place out of 1369 pigeons at 951km Dax;
461st place of 3188 pigeons at 824km Bergerac.

In 2020 it ranks: 21st place out of 10637 pigeons at 820km Bordeaux;115th place out of 2496 pigeons 793km Bergerac.

In 2019 it ranks: 6th place out of 1072 pigeons at 871km Chaors.

In 2018 it ranks: 170th place out of 1751 pigeons at 753km Periqueux.

In 2017 it ranks: 183rd place out of 1745 pigeons at 966km St. Vincent;98th place out of the 2664 pigeons at 793km Bergerac.

In 2016 it ranks: 408th place out of 2772 pigeons at 820 km Bordeaux;137th place out of 2366 pigeons in 793km Bergerac.

In all 38 years of experience in pigeon sport the results of his pigeons are numerous, the passion and dedication offered by Ruud to his pigeons
has given results so today his name is recognized by pigeon breeders in many countries as one of the Top breeders in the Netherlands.