Let's meet Jan:


Jan van Ekeren, a veteran of pigeon sport in the Netherlands, lives in Lepelstraat in the province of North Brabant. Pigeon fancier member since 1982 at the PV club De Vredesduif Lepelstraat.
Where the competition was and is quite big. Within the club competed famous names from the world pigeon house. However, Jan managed to take the lead.

Today, at the age of 77, Jan is still an opponent for his club colleagues and not only. His pigeons continue to bring him good results, he has kept his old lines from Steenbergen
and surroundings. It currently competes with a group of about 30 carefully selected pigeons and with which it does not miss any flight from the Brabant 2000 flight schedule. He flyes his pigeons both naturally
as well as widows but prefer to fly only widows.
Its loft, as expected, has undergone many transformations over the years, but now it consists of a 5m by 2m compartment for young pigeons with an loft in front and very well ventilated. And for the flying pigeons it has 4 compartments, 2 of which are empty.

For Jan, his passion for pigeons turned into experience in the pigeon fancier field. You can listen to him for hours and I don't think he would be able to finish everything he would have to say about pigeons. The results brought by his pigeons over the years are innumerable but we tried to choose from the 39 years of competition some:
Jan is the General Champion at "CC Mark end Vlietstreek" for 13 years in a row.
Another important result is the 1st Place Bergerac National out of 14,100 pigeons in 2012. And here is  where he acquired the qualities of a great flyer '881 van Bergerac.

NL 19-3912552 "Blauwe 552" First National Champion chicken NPO 2019
NL 16-3620226 "Ace Boy 226" 2 Prov Ace bird Extreme LD 2020
NL 15-3514870 "St.Vincent" 4 Prov Ace bird Extreme LD 2019
NL 16-3620226 "Ace Boy 226" 15 National Ace Bird Extreme LD 2020
NL 17-3716018 "Jac" 17 National Ace Bird Extreme LD NPO 2019
NL 15-3514870 “St.Vincent” 34 Nat Ace Bird Extreme LD 2019

NL 06-0720581 "DYLANO" The best pigeon on the Fondspiegel marathon 2007-2009 and a very good breeder.
-Father of the 1st Place National Bergerac 14,100p from 2012.
-Father of the 1st Place National Cahors.
-Father of NL 11-3023899 "BERGERAC 899" Ranked: 3rd place Nivelles from 735p; 4th place Poitiers from 536p; 6th place St. Quentin from 2214p; 6th place Quievrain from 1896p; 6th place Roye from 1854p; 7th place La Souterraine from 621p; 10th place La Souterraine from 628p; 53rd place NPO from 6229p; 10th place Issoundun from 829p; 10th place Chateauroux from 634p; 14th place La Souterraine from 363p; 20th place Argenton from 689p; 24th place Argenton from 570p; 26th place Quievrain from 2031p; 36th place Creil from 2101p; 49th place Creil from 1903p; 53rd place Creil from 2580p; 55th place Perone from 2001p; 62nd place St. Quentin from 2417p; place 66Roye from 1657p; place 82 Quievrain from 5112p.
-Grandfather of NL 13-3316164 "BLAUWE 164" Who won 1st place Nivelles 735p; 2nd place Sens 412p; 3rd place Meaux 1,027p.
-Grand father of NL 14-3421760 "BLAUWE 760" Who won 5th place Bourges 995p; 11th place Roye 608p; 20th place Quievrain 1,989p; 54th place NPO from 8103p.
-Grandfather of NL 15-3514870 "DE ST. VINCENT" Ranked: 1st place Bergerac 179p; 94th place National from 8450p; 2nd place St.Vincent 229p; 133rd National place from 5879p; 3rd place Cahors 207p; 100th place National 3705p; 4th place Agent 238p; 93rd place National from 7245p; 10th place St. Vincent 371p; 231 National Place 5451p.He became the father of NL 16-3620244 "BERGERAC 244" Which ranks: 3rd place Bergerac 615p; 13th place NPO from 2664p; 9th place Bergerac 145p; 187th place NPO of 2431p; 88th place Issoudun 1186p; Place 501 NPO from 7680p. He is also the father of NL 16-3620221 "SON ST. VINCENT" Who ranks: 10th place Bordeauz 345p; 20th place National from 8815 pigeons; 15th place Bordeaux 377p; 98th place NPO of 2627pp; 297th National 9852p; 18th place Bordeaux 275p; 32nd Issoudun 1186p; Place 109 NPO from 7680p.
-Grandfather of NL 16-3620226 "ACE BOY" Top pigeon from 2020 with 2nd place Prov Ace Marathon and 15th place National Ace Pigeon Marathon NPO 2020.
-Grandfather of NL 17-3515986 "BLAUW 986" Who won the 12th Place Pont 1.135p and is the Sister of "TURBO".
-Grandfather of NL 18-3803146 ​​"TURBO" Top pigeon for flights from 100-600km.
-Grandfather of NL 17-3716000 "6000 DUIVIN" Who won 8th Place Creil 1,606p; 9th place Peronne 1,089p; 12th place Fontenay 1089p; 19th place Orleans 415p.
-Great-grandfather of NL 14-3421800 "DE 800" He shone on the 100-600 km flights and became a super breeder.
-Great-grandfather of NL 34-34821801 "NESTSISTER 800" Who became the mother of NL 15-3514833 "SUPER WITPEN" and the grandmother of NL 18-3803144 "SUPER PERONNE".
-Great-grandfather of NL 17-3716042 "BLAUW 042" Who won 2nd Place Quievrain 931p; 19th place Fontenay 934p; 24th place Orleans from 415p; 42nd place Bierges 1635p; 59th place Morlincourt from 1574p.
-Great-grandfather of NL 19-3912521 "BLAUW 521" who won 6th place Niergnies 1,078p and 14th place Morlincourt 441p.
-Great-grandfather of NL 19-3912576 "BLUE DEVIL" Who won 5th place Morlincourt 877p and 16th place Issoudun 521p.
-Great-grandfather of NL 18-1183701 "DE JOS".

In addition to "DYLANO", the pigeons also stood out:

NL 15-3514870 "DE ST. VINCENT" Rankes: 1st place Bergerac 179p; 2nd place St. Vincent 229p; 3rd place Cahors 207p; 4th place Agen 238p; 10th place St. Vincent 371p; 94th place Nationa 8450p; 13th place National 5879p ; 100th place National 3705p; 93rd place National 7245p; 231st place National 5451p. He is the father of pigeons NL 16-3620244 "BERGERAC 244" which ranks: 3rd place Bergera 615p; 9th place Bergerac 145p; 88th place Issoudun 1186p; 13th place NPO from 2664p; 187th place MPO from 2431p; 501st place NPO from 7680p and NL 16-3620221 "SON ST. VINCENT" which clast: 10th place Boerdeaux 345p; 15th place Bordeaux 377p; 18th place Bordeaux 275p; 32nd place Issoudun 1186p; 20th place National from 8815p; 98th place NPO from 2627p; 297th National place from 9852p; 109th NPO place from 7680p. "DE ST. VINCENT " is the grandson of " DYLANO ".
NL 16-3620226 "ACE BOY 226" Rankes: 1st place Bergera 2020 152p; 2nd place Bordeaux 2020 171p; 3rd place Dax 2019 179p; 4th place Dax 2018 173p; 9th place Bergera 339p; 84th place Ossoudun 1046p; 35th Place National Sector 8987p; 100th Place National 25321p; Place 85 National 10637p; Place 171 National 4596p; Place 233 National 4772p; Place 73 NPO 2394p.Place 2 Prov Ace Marathon 2020; 15th place National Marathon NPO 2020. He is a brother of "DE ST. VINCENT" (they have the same father through Luc Van Hoecke married to a niece of "DYLANO")
NL 17-3716018 "JAC" Rankes: 1st place Dax 2019 99p; 2nd place Bergerac 2019 282p; Place 20 Bordeaux 2019 345p; 30th place Bordeaux 2018 377p; 22nd place Quievrain 502p: 17th place National Ace NPO Marathon 2019; 24th place Prov from 1150p; 102nd National Place from 4596p; 13th place Prov from 2431p; 95th place National from 9010p; 350th National Place from 8815p; 603rd National Place from 9852p. He has as father a direct pigeon from Luc Van Hoecke coupled with NL 13-3316193 "BALTHAZAR" which Ranked: 4th place Terbes 119p; 5th place Bergerac 239p; 5th place Dax 190p; 11th place Tarbes 171p; Rank 81 Issoudun 829p; Place 104 Pommeroeul 1355p; Place 152 Meaning 1627p; 335NPO Issoudun 7680p; 69 NPO 1196p; 42nd place NPO 1201p; 54th place NPO 1234p; 69th place NPO 1177p.
NL18-3803146 ​​"TURBO" An excellent pigeon on flights from 100-600 km. Ranked: 1st place Issoudun 521p; 2nd place Peronne 702p; 8th place Peronne 924p; 73rd place Prov from 20380p; 15th place Chateauroux 263p; 15th place Montlucon 259p; 19th place Melun 1209p; 28th place Pont. St. Max 481p; Place 41 Quievrain 1626p; 47th place Bierges 1635p; Place 68 Pontoise 1671p; 72nd place Morlincourt 1577p; 72nd place Peronne 1056p; Rank 571 Pron Niergnies from 20420p.
NL 17-3716011 "CARFIELT" He is the nephew of "DYLANO". Ranked: 1st place Creil from 999p; 3rd place Melun from 675p; 17th place Pont. St. Mac from 1135p; 18th place Peronne from 503p; 18th place Morlincourt from 814p; 43rd place Peronne from 932p; 44th place Peronne from 1333p; 44th place Roye from 678p; 56th place Peronne from 860p; 59th place Issoundun from 1046p; 99th place Quievrain from 1705p.
NL 14-3421800 "DE 800" Ranked: 2nd place Quièvrain 1896p and 7th place Limoges 402p, became an excellent breeder. Classes: 96th place NPO from 3390p; 9th place Strepy 1175p; 10th place Quiverain 2031p; 11th place Feluy 710p; 15th place June 667p; 21st place Nanteuil 717p; 23rd Place Roye 1854p; 24th place Argenton 726p; 17th place NPO from 5581p; 28th place St.Quentin 2007p; 43rd Place Creil 1351p; 50th place Morlincourt 1865p; Place 58 Feluy 2511p; Place 67 Sezanne 1139p; Place 195 Peronne 3021p. He is the nephew of "BERGERAC 899".
NL 14-3421806 "CIPO" It was flyed only as young and ranked: 3rd place Roye from 524p; 9th place Quievrain 1038p; 9th place Creil 269p. She is the granddaughter of NL 09-3917135 "SUPER". She was also a good pigeon.
"DE 800" and "CIPO" were the parents of the pigeons: NL 18-3803126 "LEONARD" which ranks: 1st place orleans 477p; 3rd place Peronne 860p; 4th place Pont.St.Max 413p; 5th place Niergnies 882p; Place 114 Prov from 20420p; 5th place Peronne 500p; 14th place Niergnies 691p; 14th place Sens 555p; 29th place Morlincourt 1577p; 29th place Issoudun 521p; 30th place Melun 1860p; 32nd place Sens 1111p .; and of NL 18-3803125 "MAXS" which ranked: 8th place Pontoise 948p; 27th place Prov from 19730p; 10th place Niergnies 882p; 21st place Prov from 20420p; 15th place Niergnies 691p; 29th place Bierges 3008p; Place 41 Peronne 873p; Place 445 Prov Gien from 8527p. As well as parents of NL 17-3716001 "RAKKER" which ranks: 3rd Place Neirgnies 691p; 5th place Quievrain 822p; 9th place Orleans 415p; 12th place Peronne 503p: 24th place Pont. St. Max 692p; 26th place Quievrain 2195p; 37th place Melun 887p; Place 41 Fontenay 934p; 41st Peronne 850p; 44th place Pont. St. Max 1106p; 48th place Peronne 924p; Place 580 Prov from 20380p; 60th Place Peronne 1920p; 64th place Quievrain 1206p; 96th place Peronne 2016p; Place 882 Prov Niergnies 20420p.
NL 14-3421801 is the nest sister with "DE 800", was flown as a young bird and ranked 1st then was kept for breeding. She became the mother of NL 15-3514833 "SUPER WITPEN" in her first year, this could be the pigeon with the most impressive and longest record of all. Ranks: 1st place Fontenay 388p; 16th place Prov from 7798p; 3rd place Pithiviers 641p; 3rd place Chateauroux 263p; 3rd place Montlucon 259p; 3rd place Creil 142p; 5th place Sense 994p; 63rd place Prov from 19405p; 13th place Peronne 934p; 17th place Pont.St. Max 1106p; 19th place Creil 965p; Place 26 Prov Issoundun 779p; 36th place Peronne 1143p; 38th place Prov Creil from 13819p; 40th place Morlincourt 1762p; Place 41 Prov Morlincourt 22197p. .In 2018 he became the father of NL 18-3803144 "SUPER PERONNE" He ranks: 1st place Peronne 702p; Place 197 Prov from 17659p; 4th place Peronne 860p; 16th place Sermaises 343p; 19th place Niergnies 882p; 21st place Quievrain 1206p; 22nd place Melun 887p; 29th place Melun 1341p; 34th place Peronne 924p; Place 323 Prov from 20380p; 37th place Melun 675p; 38th place Bierges 3008p; 41st place Morlincourt 888p; 56th place Pont. St. Max 1228p 277km; 76th place Morlincourt 157p.

As can be seen, Jan kept for breeding, after the end of each flight season, the pigeons that brought him the best results. Thus, over the years, he created his own line of exceptional pigeons. Thus he can be proud of the results brought by his pigeons but also with the appreciation by others of the work and time dedicated to his passion. He is recognized in the Netherlands but also in the world for his and his pigeons' successes.


We are grateful and proud that we were able to meet Jan van Ekeren and we thank him for giving us pages of history in pigeon sport. Besides all his qualities as a pigeon fancier, we can say that he is a good and friendly man.