General Terms and Conditions of Sale

Preamble: is a website that mediates the sale of pigeons through auctions and at a fixed price. This site is owned by BidPigeon International, a registered company based at Dinteloordseweg 22 4651 RB Steenbergen Netherlands, with the number of

KVK: 82756163

Article 1 Subject:

These General Terms and Conditions of Sale are created exclusively for the website and are valid only when using the website to make a purchase. They determine the manner in which the sale takes place and apply between the parties (BidPigeon / Seller / Buyer) as mentioned in the following articles. It is recommended to read the General Terms and Conditions of Sale before creating an account (Art. 3 Paragraph 2). It is considered that the General Terms and Conditions of Sale have been accepted at the time of making an offer or accepting the fixed price of a pigeon. The General Terms and Conditions of Sale apply to each and every purchase on the site. These general conditions apply to all purchase agreements between BidPigeon (on behalf of a seller) and a buyer.
Furthermore, these general conditions apply to all contracts that BidPigeon signs with the sellers of one or more pigeons.

Article 2 Offer:

BidPigeon mediates the sale of pigeons offered for sale by breeders. The description and pictures of the pigeons are only to inform their availability for sale and do not represent an obligation to purchase them. Auctions and fixed price sales contain pictures and information of the pigeons provided by the breeder, so BidPigeon cannot guarantee their veracity and cannot be held liable for any damage suffered by the buyer due to them.

The purchase of a pigeon on the site, by any of the two methods (auctions / fixed price), can be done only by users who have an account created on the site and approved (Art. 3 Paragraph 2). No price offers are accepted by any other means of communication. Purchases are made only through the site. The amount of the fixed price is not negotiable.

Article 3 Mode of Operation:

Paragraph 1 Agreement:

This is done between the three parties (BidPigeon / Seller / Buyer), as follows: Seller-BidPigeon and BidPigeon-Buyer. The agreement between BidPigeon and the Buyer begins when the Buyer receives the confirmation email from BidPigeon. The agreement is coordinated by the General Terms and Conditions of Sale, it is concluded at the time of completion of the purchase (when payment has been paid in full and the buyer receives his pigeon)

Paragraph 2 Account:

Every user over the age of 16 can create an account on the site. Minors must receive parental consent. Following the creation of the account, it must be approved by BidPigeon, after verifying the information provided, as soon as possible. A user can have only one account. The account is not approved or can be deleted without any prior information of the user, if the information provided is not true. The account can also be deleted if the user as a buyer does not comply with its obligation. BidPigeon may request additional information from the user at any time. BidPigeon reserves the right to select inappropriate accounts for deletion.

Paragraph 3 Auction:

BidPigeon reserves the right to order the entry of auctions on the site, to determine the beginning and duration of the auction and to remove pigeons from the auction or the entire auction without prior notice, if the seller does not comply with its obligation.

Users who have approved accounts can bid on active auctions on the site. The bid must be higher than the starting price or the last bid. After the end of the auction, no more bids can be made. The winner of the auction is the user who has the highest bid at the time of closing. It becomes a buyer after receiving the confirmation email from BidPigeon.

Paragraph 4 Fixed Price:

The pigeon put up for sale, with the price amount being fixed, can be bought by users with an approved account. When making a request to purchase the pigeon by the user, it is understood that the amount of the fixed price has been accepted. After receiving the confirmation email, the agreement begins and continues with the purchase of the pigeon. If the buyer does not fulfill his obligation he loses his right to purchase and the pigeon can be put up for sale again. BidPigeon reserves the right to remove any pigeon at any time without prior notice.

Paragraph 5 Payment:

The payment amount is the sale price (the price shown for pigeons sold at a fixed price and the last bid recorded for pigeons sold by auction.) It can be paid by bank transfer or cash when the pigeon is picked up.

The sale price does not include: no other applicable taxes, for example: import duty - other costs such as bank charges, incurred at the time of payment by bank transfer - transport and delivery charges. All amounts are expressed in euro. Payment is made in euros only. Except when the parties agree on another currency.

Paragraph 6 Delivery:

The pigeons will be picked up from the BidPigeon headquarters within ten calendar days. BidPigeon is not responsible for the delivery of pigeons. If the buyer wants BidPigeon to mediate the delivery, then a new agreement is started between the two parties. Delivery will be made with the help of a pigeon transport company. The buyer indicates the delivery address after receiving the confirmation email. Delivery costs are additional costs and vary depending on the destination of the delivery. They are paid by the buyer in full and in the manner and duration established by BidPigeon. Failure to accept or delay payment of delivery costs will result in the loss of the right to purchase the pigeon. BidPigeon is not responsible for the delivery and cannot be held liable for any damage caused by it. Under no circumstances can BidPigeon be obliged to allow the pigeon to be delivered before the sale price or additional costs have been paid in full. All costs for importing pigeons to the country of the buyer are for the buyer himself (taxes, BTW etc).

Article 4 Obligation:

Paragraph 1 Seller:

The seller has the obligation to offer for sale healthy pigeons. Hand over the pigeons' IDs and ownership papers when handing the pigeons to BidPigeon. It must provide true information about pigeons. The seller may not withdraw the pigeons put up for auction or sale unless they die in the meantime. If they have not arrived at the BidPigeon headquarters, the seller must prove the death. The seller remains the owner of the pigeons until they are handed over to the buyer.

Paragraph 2 Buyer:

The buyer has the obligation to provide true information when creating the account. Provide additional information when requested by BidPigeon. Make the payment in full and within the time assigned by BidPigeon. The buyer is obliged to claim the pigeon within a maximum of seven calendar days after receiving the confirmation email. Exceeding this period will result in the loss of the right to purchase and the deletion of the account. All risks related to the pigeon are the responsibility of the buyer from the moment of completion of the purchase. The buyer is not entitled to personally check the physical condition of the pigeon before completing the purchase for safety reasons.

Paragraph 3 BidPigeon:

BidPigeon undertakes to require the seller to provide proof of vaccination at the request of the buyer. BidPigeon checks the health of the pigeons according to the following criteria: sufficient muscle mass behind the sternum, the inside of the neck light pink without mucus, shiny feathers, the capsules of the nose white, active. BidPigen is not required to make further investigations into the health of the pigeons. BidPigeon is not responsible for any false reports on the health of the pigeons provided by the seller. Establishing the identity of pigeons is done through ring and ownership card in countries with a Federation that facilitates this. Or by other means or documents in countries without a Federation. The documents related to the identity of the pigeon are provided to the buyer together with the pigeon at the time of its pick up.Given that the good is a live animal, the buyer should be aware that any infertility or reduced fertility cannot be attributed to BidPigeon nor can it be a defining cause for subsequent complaints about BidPigeon's services.

Article 5 Website:

The site contains: logos, brands, designs, data, products, company names, images, information, etc. that are protected and belong to and third parties.All data on the site is its property and is subject to laws that protect copyright as soon as it is made available on to the public. Copying of the documents offered by the site can only be done for information and private use. Any reproduction or use of copies for other purposes is strictly prohibited. Only if the company name, logos, products and brands mentioned are owned by BidPigeon and a written agreement is offered by it. The information on this site is general information. As the information has not been adapted for special circumstances, it cannot be considered personally, professionally or legally recommended for use. However, BiPigeon cannot be held responsible for any direct or indirect damage caused by the use of this information on the site. If you find any errors in the information provided by the site, please contact BidPigeon by email.

The content of this site contains links and information that can be adapted, modified or deleted at any time, without the need for notification or warning. The website may contain hyperlinks to third party websites or web pages, partners or indirect references. Their placement does not imply the implicit approval of their content. BidPigeon expressly states that it has no control over their content or other features and cannot be held responsible for them or for any damage resulting from the use of these sites or pages. BidPigeon does not guarantee the proper functioning of the website and cannot be held liable in any way for any problems, technical failures, temporary unavailability or any other damage caused directly or indirectly as a result of accessing the website. Use of the website is subject to Dutch law.

Article 6 Force Majeure:

BidPigeon is not responsible and cannot be held liable to pay the seller / buyer in the event of temporary or permanent force majeure. Force majeure includes any cause that cannot be controlled by BidPigeon as an example (strike, epidemic or outbreak of avian influenza infection or any other disease, delay in import / export, protection measures imposed by the government,etc.) In case of force majeure longer than thirty calendar days, BidPigeon reserves the right to terminate the contract made with the seller / buyer, without owing any compensation to anyone.

Article 7 Complaints:

Any damage/lack of conformity must be reported in letter to BidPigeon within twentieth calendar days of completion of the purchase. If not reported in time, BidPigeon cannot be held liable.