How do I make an account?

In order to make a purchase or participate in an auction you
must become a user by creating an account on the site,
this account must first be verified and approved.
In the upper right is the menu My Account, select create
account. Enter all the required data correctly, the username
and e-mail address will not be able to be changed or edited,
after reading and accepting the Privacy Policy and the
General Terms and Conditions, click account creation.
From that moment the account was created and your data have
been sent for verification. You will receive an email with
an account creation confirmation. Verification and approval
of the account is done by an operator and the confirmation
is also be sent by him either by text message to the phone
number entered or by Whatsapp or E-mail. Once you receive
the verification confirmation, you can start making
purchases or participate in auctions.

How to place a BiD?

In order to be able to make an offer/BID in an auction,
you must be a user with a verified and approved account.
Then you can place BID's in active auctions that are LIVE
at that time on the site. There are 2 ways in which you
can make a BID/Offer, the manual one (enter the minimum
or desired amount each time you want to make the offer/BID)
or the automatic mode (by which you enter a maximum amount
you have and will automatically makes Bids / Offers for
you within the amount entered ). You may be denied a
BID/Offer in manual mode when the amount entered by you
is the same as that of another auction participant who
previously entered it through automatic mode.
An Offer/Bid may also be rejected if the amount entered
is not the one accepted by the auction algorithm
(from 0 to 100 5 by 5, 10 by 10 from 100 to 200,
20 by 20 from 200 to 500 and so on). That is why the
amount recommended in the auction must be respected.

How do I get the pigeon?

BidPigeon does not transport the pigeons to the buyer. The buyer must pick up his pigeon from the BidPigeon headquarters. He can come in person or send a transport company or an acquaintance on his behalf. BidPigeon can look for a shipping company at the buyer's request. Transport costs are not included in the price of the pigeon, they must be paid by the buyer. The costs differ depending on the buyer's address and are established and charged by the transport companies. BidPigeon does not charge for transporting pigeons.

Where are the pigeons?

All the pigeons displayed on our website are located in The Netherlands. They are pigeons from breeders who live in the Netherlands. Only when our website collaborates with a breeder from another country, those pigeons will be in the breeder's country of origin. The country being mentioned later in the auction description.

How do I buy?

In order to purchase a pigeon on the site you must be a user with an approved account. After you create an account and it is approved by an operator you can make a purchase as follows. Choose the desired pigeon, press the Add to cart button, after reading and accepting the privacy policy and the general terms, press the Send order button. You will receive an order confirmation email, from that moment the order has been placed and an operator will process it and contact you by phone / whatsapp or e-mail with the order information, payment details and how to receive the pigeon.

How long does it take to verify / approve the account?

This being done by an operator, it can take a maximum of 24 hours. If you want a faster approval you can send a text message (with the request for account approval, specifying the username or e-mail address) to one of the phone numbers displayed on Contact or a message on Whatsapp also to those phone numbers.

Why was my account not approved?

Accounts created must be verified before approval. If the email address entered is not valid, the account is not approved, if the phone number entered is not a valid number, the account is not approved. If the address entered is incomplete, you will be contacted by email or phone to provide us with a full address in order to approve the account. In order to prevent the non-activation of the accounts, please enter all your data correctly and completely when creating the account.